Betting Few vs Betting Many Numbers in Roulette

Betting Few vs Betting Many Numbers in Roulette

Betting Few vs Betting Many Numbers in Roulette

Roulette has many variables a player needs to consider for a mobile slots game, usually called a simple play. The mathematics involved in making a good bet is often overlooked when it is, in fact, there.  Let’s not forget about the financial and risk valuations you should make before placing a move. Yet, there’s almost one simple but challenging question: which bet should I go for? Bet few or many numbers?

General Assumption

For many Roulette pro players, a quick answer will be to bet on the fewer numbers. “Why?” would be a simple follow-up question. 

For many, it is easier to reduce the house edge value associated with Roulette when betting with even numbers. However, this might not be a real factor for a player with good skills

Many newbies would automatically feel wagering with higher numbers means placing bigger wagers. Not just beginners but people who limit their stakes to the minimum limit. While the argument that higher numbers expose you further to the house edge (since a house edge value is calculated based on your total wager), this may not be affected by the numbers picked, in theory. 

Suppose two different bets are placed. One is to place a $1 wager on 20 numbers, and the other $100 on just one number. Here, the $100 bet is at a higher disadvantage than the other. Hence, there is no disadvantage in placing a bet on many numbers. The entire risk is on how much you’re willing to risk. 

Many people get it wrong that placing wagers on many numbers is the same as wagering with high amounts, which is invalid on all occasions. 

Hence, there is no real advantage when placing bets on small numbers or large numbers. There are strategies involved for both sides. Get it right, and your bets could go well. 

Betting Few Numbers Strategies

You should understand that there is a right and wrong way here. Since the probability of landing wins with a bet is 1/37 for French Roulette and 1/38 for American, you could experience some losses before the win finally comes. 

Hence, if you decide to bet on a single or few numbers, expect some losses for a while. This could continue until a win comes, which pays better. Hence, small bets throughout your game session are recommended if you decide to wager this way. At most, 1% of your bankroll per spin is advised. 

Betting Many Numbers Strategies

You’re not wrong if you decide that the strategy used here is a “vice versa” of the above. Generally, the higher the numbers you place bets means a higher occurrence of wins, but smaller when compared to wagering on few numbers. 

Hence, you should not totally bankroll small wagers here. Anything higher than wagering on 18 numbers is considered as being on the high side. 

Which is Better?

The answer to this question depends on what you’re aiming to achieve. If you don’t want to record many misses and get a small payout. In contrast, you can be getting consistent but low wins.

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