Fontaines D.C. – Romance Album

Fontaines D.C. – Romance Album

Fontaines D.C.  Romance Album Download Fakaza

Fontaines D.C.  Romance Album Download: Fontaines D.C. has once again captivated the alternative music scene with their latest album, “Romance”. Highly awaited by their fans, the album consists of 11 tracks that delve further into the band’s unique raw poetics and gritty instrumentals.

The singles “Starburster” and “Favourite” have already received critical acclaim, with the former amassing over 2 million streams in its first week on major platforms like Spotify and Apple Music. The album explores a variety of themes, from urban existentialism to personal introspection, showcasing the band’s lyrical talent.

Tracks such as “Motorcycle Boy” and “In the Modern World” exemplify their distinctive blend of punk energy and lyrical depth, capturing the chaos and beauty of contemporary life. The alternative genre is celebrated for its flexibility and innovation, and “Romance” lives up to expectations.

Early reviews from Pitchfork and NME have commended the album for its coherent sound and emotional impact. Through songs like “Bug” and “Death Kink”, Fontaines D.C. push their sonic boundaries, introducing new dimensions to their established narrative.

Fans and critics alike are embracing “Romance” as a significant addition to Fontaines D.C.’s body of work, marking another forward-thinking stride in their artistic evolution.


# Title Artist Duration Status
1 Romance Fontaines D.C. 2:33 Unreleased
2 Starburster Fontaines D.C. 3:41 Released
3 Here’s the Thing Fontaines D.C. 2:43 Unreleased
4 Desire Fontaines D.C. 3:39 Unreleased
5 In the Modern World Fontaines D.C. 4:26 Unreleased
6 Bug Fontaines D.C. 3:02 Unreleased
7 Motorcycle Boy Fontaines D.C. 3:42 Unreleased
8 Sundowner Fontaines D.C. 3:25 Unreleased
9 Horseness Is the Whatness Fontaines D.C. 3:07 Unreleased
10 Death Kink Fontaines D.C. 2:23 Unreleased
11 Favourite Fontaines D.C. 4:16 Released