Strange Holidays That Exist

Strange Holidays That Exist
Strange Holidays That Exist

When we talk about celebrations, we usually represent traditional ceremonies, cultural
events, or national holidays. But our world is also full of incredible and eccentric events that
may seem absurd or even surreal to you. For example, there is even a casino holiday and a
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Let’s go on an exciting journey through the strangest and most unique events that take place
around the world.

Bolas De Fuego – Fireball Festival

Every year, on August 31, in the city of Napa, El Salvador, residents take part in a festival
during which they throw at each other with rolled-up pieces of cloth previously soaked in a
combustible mixture. This festival originated in 1658 when due to the eruption of a nearby
volcano, the population of the city was forced to leave the city. When the inhabitants of
Neyapa saw huge fireballs soaring into the sky, they decided that it was the patron saint of
the city, St. Jerome, fighting the devil and throwing flaming projectiles at him. Since then, this
battle has been recreated annually during the festival.

Goat Throwing Festival

On the 4th Sunday of January, the annual goat-throwing festival takes place in the Spanish
city of Manganeses de la Polvorosa. By tradition, the townspeople bring the goat to the

highest floor of the bell tower and drop the animal into a crowd of locals who catch it on a
stretched sheet. And although the exact origin of this tradition is unknown, it can be said with
certainty that it has existed for many centuries. In 2002, animal rights activists managed to
get a ban on the participation of animals in the festival. Since then, instead of a live goat, a
toy one has been thrown out of the tower.

Naki Sumo – Wrestling of Crying Babies

This is a traditional Japanese festival held annually in temples in different cities of the
country. During the festival, children under the age of one year are given into the hands of
two sumo wrestlers who make faces and make strange noises in an attempt to make the
child cry. The child who cries first or louder than the other is considered the winner in the
“duel”. Naki Sumo has been held in Japan for about 400 years. According to Japanese
beliefs, the crying of a baby scares away evil spirits, and the louder the crying, the more
power the gods have given the child and the healthier he will be.

Sächsilüüte – Burning a Snowman

Traditionally, for 600 years now, every year residents of the Swiss city of Zurich burn a
snowman at the end of winter. The 3-meter snowman occupies a very important place in this
April festival. At the end of the Sächsilüüte, he is placed on a high bonfire 10 meters high
and set on fire. Thus, the residents of the city drive away winter and meet spring. The
festival always attracts a lot of people from all over the country. It is believed that the faster
the fire gets to the snowman’s head filled with explosives, the hotter and longer the summer
will be.

El Colacho – Stepping Over Babies

This festival originated in the middle of the 17th century. El Colacho takes place in the small
Spanish town of Castillo de Murcia. During the festival, all children who have not yet turned
one year old are put on mattresses spread out on the street of the city. Then a man dressed
in a devil costume steps over the mattresses. The participants of this unusual festival believe
that in this way children are cleansed of their sins. And although not a single child has been
harmed in the entire history of this tradition, the Catholic Church has officially stated that it
has nothing to do with this festival.

Ombasira – Log Riding

This festival is held every six years in the Lake Suwa area in Nagano Prefecture, Japan.
Some sources claim that this tradition has been going on for 1200 years. Festival
participants cut down huge trees, then decorate them with red and white ribbons and fasten
them on ropes. After that, during the ceremony, which is called Kyotoshi, young people, to
prove their bravery, descend on these logs from the mountain. Every year this festival
attracts about 500 thousand people.

Nyepi – Day of Silence

Nyepi is an ancient Hindu festival celebrated in Bali every spring on the night of the new
moon. On this day, every Balinese should spend time in silence, meditation, and fasting.
Anything that distracts him from these activities is illegal. Travel, work, games, eating, and
even talking are prohibited. Law enforcement officers patrol the streets and strictly ensure
that these rules are followed. On this day, only an ambulance team is allowed to work, which
goes to emergency calls and women giving birth.