The fierce Ed “Strangler” Lewis

The fierce Ed "Strangler" Lewis

The fierce Ed “Strangler” Lewis

The fierce Ed “Strangler” Lewis: Ed “Strangler” Lewis was another big figure of the early years of competitive wrestling, which took place during the early 20th century. At this moment you can bet on 1x site now, and use this amazing platform to place wagers on the modern sport too.

He was born as Robert Friedrich in 1891 in Nekoosa, Wisconsin. His life would see him gain a lot of fame and extremely loyal followers who went crazy when seeing him performing his signature move. This was known as the headlock, which seemed to effectively strangle his opponents. There are great chances to bet on the 1x site now, and here bettors also have the opportunity to wager on which moves are likely to be done too.

A master of his craft

Wrestling in the early 20th century was quite different from what we see today. During that period, the sport combined genuine competitiveness but with its fair share of showmanship too. Now you can place a wrestling bet on 1xBet, where great things that are part of the modern variations of this sport can be wagered too.

In this era, Lewis stood out as a true master of his craft. He was well-known for his incredible strength and strategic mind. His career had plenty of notable aspects, including:

  • longevity;
  • dominance over most of his opponents;
  • being more than 30 years long;
  • and also, claiming the World Heavyweight Championships 5 times during the decade of the 1920s.

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Forcing a change in the rules

Lewis’s technique was so effective that it forced changes in the rules of wrestling. His headlock technique made some people really afraid that it could cause serious injuries to his opponents. For this reason, some competitions outright banned it. Now punters can 1xBet download apk fast, and use this great software to wager on who is likely to win a wrestling contest too.

Beyond his technical success, Lewis was also loved by his fans. Wrestling’s popularity was just growing at the time, and had Lewis as one of its biggest stars. For this reason, every time that he jumped into action, literally thousands of fans would go to see him. This speaks volumes when considering that franchises like the WWE didn’t even exist at that moment. You can download the 1xBet apk fast and set it up quickly in order to start wagering on the great WWE too.

After his retirement, Ed Lewis continued to be linked to the sport. In fact, he would be the coach of Lou Thesz, who would become a legend in his own right too. Prior to his death in 1966, Lewis participated in approximately 6,000 contests, which shows how big of a figure he is.

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